Increasing Biodiversity and Wildlife habitats at our sites

Material Change has been increasing biodiversity and wildlife habitats on sites over the past year. As part of this project, bird boxes have been supplied to all sites and most of these have produced their first Blue Tit fledglings. We have also planted wildflower seeds at Helmdon behind the AD plant and Rainworth and have a pretty wildflower garden at Oak Grove AD. A few pictures follow. We also have a number of bee and bug hotels at our AD sites.

The bees and other pollinators are loving the pretty flower bed at Oak Grove.

During August, we participated in a wildflower harvesting webinar hosted by the Eden Project and have since collected our first batch of cornflower seeds.

We take part Annually in the GRESB assessment and our score for 2022 was maintained at 91% ranking us second in Renewable Power Generation – this scheme measures our green credentials, carbon footprint, our commitment to avoiding waste and our corporate governance and management procedures. All of these biodiversity projects help improve our score – well done to the whole team involved in the submission this year.

Thank you to Jo Fitzpatrick for all her hard work on Wildlife Habitats on Sites and for all the lovely wildlife photos.

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