Kirby Lodge Compost Facility

Kirby Lodge Compost facility is a purpose built in-vessel site, located behind the Rockingham Raceway, just off Gretton Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 3AS.

The site is permitted to process 75,000 tonnes per annum of mixed food and green waste and processes approximately 30,000 tonnes per annum of mixed waste (source segregated green and food waste) and is compliant with ABPR (animal by-products regulations).

In-vessel composting occurs in five tunnels of 1,000m³ capacity each, which accept approximately 400 tonnes of compost (compost volume approximately 800m³). Composting time in tunnels is typically between one and two weeks, until the ABPR sanitisation temperature of 70°C is achieved, followed by a period of stabilisation in open windrows. The tunnel composting operation composts biodegradable waste using a relatively low process air flow rate.

Composted ABPR/green waste material is unloaded from the tunnels on the “clean” side via wheeled loading shovel and placed into maturation bays. Each bay is fitted with a series of air ducts which work under negative air pressure, drawing ambient air in through the bay and passing this air through to a bio-filter. Material is held in the maturation bays under controlled aeration conditions until the end of the 9th week . This site operates the PAS:100 and Compost Quality Protocol standards and all material produced is classed as product.

Material is screened on the maturation pad to 15mm, using a trommel screen fitted with a tarpaulin cover to reduce any odours during screening.  On occasions, as use a mobile screen to remove plastic contamination from the product. Any contamination is landfilled or sent for other treatment. The screened product is used in agricultural applications where it improves soil conditions both aerobically and through carbon/nitrogen transfer.

Our Corby Green/food compost is a soil improver and excellent source of major nutrients such as phosphate, potash, magnesium, sulphur, manganese – and trace elements. Each tonne of Corby PAS:100 compost is worth £7.04/t in crop available nitrogen, total phosphate, and total potash. An application of 22.7 t/ha will supply around £160/ha of tangible value; but the true value to soils is gained from the 6.9t/ha of longer lasting organic matter added.  A more detailed information sheet is downloadable here.

Please contact Phil Adams, Compost Sales Manager on 07825 847345
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Stephen Hanson – Site Manager

Telephone: 01536 266428 / 07917 725639


Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 17.00pm

Saturday: 7.30am to 12.30pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed


Site Permit Number:


Click below to download our ‘Typical Green Waste Analysis 2016’ pdf.

Click below to download our ‘PAS:100 Certificate for Corby’ pdf.

Click below to download our ‘Detailed information sheet on Corby Compost’ pdf.

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