Creeting Compost and Bark Centre

The Creeting St Mary Compost facility is a purpose built green waste recycling site located at The Watering Farm, Creeting St Mary, Ipswich, IP6 8ND.

This site is permitted to receive 50,000 tonnes per annum of green and wood waste and typically processes 25,000 tonnes of green waste per year primarily of kerbside collected waste from Local Authorities and green waste from landscapers.

Green waste is delivered to the site and following inspection it is shredded and placed into windrow to compost. After stabalisation, the compost is screened to 28mm to make a variety of compost products and animal bedding. All oversize is re-processed.  A total period of not less than 6 weeks’ maturation occurs before material can be exported to allow sanitisation and stabilisation of the compost to comply with the PAS:100 standards.

This site operates to PAS:100 & Compost Quality Protocol standards and all material produced is classed as product.

Creeting is also home to our bark processing centre, producing a wide variety of bark products suitable for landscaping, playgrounds and recreational parks.  Some of the bark products are blended with compost oversize to produce additional products.  Bark products are sold in bulk bags or full load deliveries.  We also have a bagging plant at the site for our compost for smaller 25l and 50l bags.  For full details of the wide range products available, see our Products page.

Please contact Phil Adams, Compost Sales Manager on 07825 847345
For Product Sales, please contact our sales team at Creeting on 01449 722318


Simon Smith – Site Manager

Telephone: 07795 820209

Office: 01449 722318

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 17.00pm

Saturday:              8.00am to 12.30pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed

Site Permit Number:


Click below to download our ‘Typical Green Waste Analysis 2016‘ pdf.

Click below to download our ‘Creeting St Mary Permit‘ pdf.

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