AD Facility

Fraddon Biogas commissioned in 2014 and is Cornwall’s leading anaerobic digestion plant, converting a range of organic waste from local farmers, bakeries and food and drink producers into organic bio-fertilisers and renewable energy.

The site has a gas membrane clean up system and a Combined heat and power engine which produce gas and electricity for around 2500 Cornish homes.

Fraddon Biogas has achieved the rigorous PAS110 standard for its biofertiliser, allowing it to be used by local farmers, as a nutrient rich replacement for artificial fertilisers and soil conditioners, further contributing to Cornwall’s sustainability.


AD Plant Manager: Johan Lourens

Telephone: 07815 595097

Hours of Operation:

Appointments by arrangement


Site Permit Number:

AD Plant – EPR/QP3532VF


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Request a Call Back

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