We had a visit at our CREETING site from a lovely group belonging to The University of the Third Age on Wednesday 26th April. They came and had a tour around our recycling facility and were given an in-depth guide to how we process green waste brought in to us, by our site manager Simon. Several members of the group are master composters.

Despite the weather being rather damp and chilly, the U3A enjoyed the visit. Sue, one of the members, sent us an email;


Thank you very much for organising today’s visit,  it was really very interesting to see the process there……one of our group did say a collective thank you on behalf of us all to the guys for taking time out to show us around but please just pass on our thanks again.


You can visit their website here.


We would like to thank our site manager Simon, for giving the tour and providing our guests with information on how we compost on a grand scale! It’s always lovely to welcome interested parties on site to give information and guidance on green waste recycling and composting.



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