Here at Creeting, we have several farmers within the area who regularly use our Farm Grade 0-40mm Compost for spreading on their fields.

Once harvesting has taken place, the spreading of compost can commence. This is done over stubble and then cultivated in as soon as possible. Organic matter is essential for soil structure, water holding properties and soil health. The benefits of compost include;

  • reduced need for inorganic fertilizers
  • reduced nutrient leaching
  • increased yielding potential
  • better soil structure leading to
    • greater workability of soil and
    • increased traffic tolerance
  • improved water holding in light soils
  • reduced erosion risk
  • beneficial soil microorganisms aid
    • soil aggregation
    • nutrient recycling
    • plant disease suppression

One of the local farmers, Mr Forrest, has recently begun spreading of our compost and we were pleased to see this first hand. We’ve also been talking with Farm Foreman, Mr Rob Hales, about the benefits and application rates.

We’ve been using Material Change’s compost for many years. It is proving to be invaluable with increased yields, year after year. We use it on approximately 300 hectares at a rate of up to 40 tonnes per hectare. Over the course of a year, we use 1000’s of tonnes of compost which has increased the health of our soil, producing great results with crops. – Rob Hales.


Compost is a natural product made by composting biodegradable materials under managed conditions.

Our compost goes through a carefully controlled process to ensure a high quality product made from 100% natural Green Waste material, such as domestic garden or landscaper’s tree and shrub pruning and grass cuttings. Below is a breakdown of nutrients found within our compost, here at Creeting.

Our compost conforms to British Standards Institute specification of PAS:100


Creeting Compost Analysis 2017


If you are interested in using our compost, from any of our sites, please contact Phil Adams our Compost Sales Manager on 07825 847345 or email him;
We can provide you with detailed analysis from each of our 7 Compost Sites across the Midlands and East of England.

We can help you; improve soil quality, reduce fertiliser costs and increase yields.


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