This week we have been battered by the Beast from the East and Storm Emma which brought snow and icy winds to East Anglia.

Material Change remained open for the most part, but safety lead us to close slightly earlier on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The roads leading to our Creeting site are small winding roads with farmed fields and becks either side of the road. We had several inches of snow fall and these roads turned treacherous. With storm Emma adding to the mix, the small roads were soon blocked by snow drifts. Mill lane in particular saw great depths of snow spreading across the small country lane – meaning the roads became blocked and impassable.

Our site manager, Simon Smith and colleague Andrew Webber wanted to help the community and over the past few days have been clearing the roads with our Loader and pulling out those stuck in the snow with our Tractor.  One of those who was helped to safety was Justin Minns, a local landscape photographer.

This morning, Simon was continuing with the clearing of snow, supported by another local company Breheny.  Mr Minns was out walking his dog on the same stretch of road. He has captured these great photos of Simon in action, along with Breheny.

Mr Minns: “You dragged my car out of the snow yesterday so thanks again for that and for all your hard work clearing the snow drifts”

Thank you Mr Minns for your kind words and fantastic photos which you have shared with us. We are pleased we were able to you and other drivers.






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