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We had roughly 3 tonnes of 0-10ml compost and 1T of Digestate to giveaway.

On Saturday 31st March we had our annual Compost Giveaway event. It was a cold and wet day, but was great to see so many visitors who came prepared with shovels and bags to take away some compost Free of Charge. Compost Site Manager Mr Jason Payne was there to ensure the day went smoothly.

The compost is made from the green waste and clean wood waste which is brought into our site.
Incoming green waste is shredded and windrowed prior to screening at 25mm. All oversize is re-processed. A total period of not less than 8 weeks’ elapses before material can be exported to allow sanitisation and stabilisation of the compost.
The site operates to PAS:100 & Compost Quality Protocol standards and all material produced is classed as product.

The Digestate comes from our Anaerobic Digestion plant which is on the on the same site. Digestate by-product of the Maize, Rye and Grass which is used in the plant. The Site produces 20,000 tonnes a year of digestate which is used by the farms that grew the crops to feed the AD plant. Digestate is a rich in nutrients.




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